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In a quality OSHC setting, children’s experiences should provide them with many opportunities to play and explore, and recognise that these are wonderful ways for children to learn and develop.

The following are particularly important:

  • as children have just spent time at school, within OSHC there needs to be opportunities for children to relax, take part in leisure activities and to spend time with their friends and peers

  • children are encouraged to participate in the community, for example, by using local facilities such a libraries, recreation centres and by participating in community projects such as tree planting, art shows or national clean-up projects

  • there is support for children to develop their self-esteem and confidence

  • within the program there are possibilities for children to start a new interest or hobby, learn a new sport, and to share their interests and skills with others.

Programs for children - My Time Our Place

In a quality service, the planned activities are based on each child’s interests, needs and abilities. Quality practice happens when educators make flexible plans and prepare for positive relationships and children’s experiences.

More particularly:

  • there are informal and formal procedures in place to evaluate and reflect on every aspect of children’s programs with the aim of improving practice

  • planning gives children choices and builds flexibility into the schedule. The way the day is organised including the routines or daily experiences allow for adjustments to be made, taking into account unexpected events and the needs of individual children.



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