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Our service is acknowledged for it's achievements in Meeting all Quality Standards

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Excellence in childcare

What makes Kiddo's OSHC so good?

  • Kiddo's is run by an experienced Childcare Educator with over 10 years experience

  • Kiddo's employs permanent educators so children will have consistency

  • Kiddo's is a family run centre, no call centres or head offices to deal with

  • Kiddo's values your child's safety and ensure they feel comfortable and welcome in the service environment

  • Kiddo's honours family values and help include these values into our service

  • Kiddo's has an inclusive environment and will help support children with additional needs that will enable them to come to OSHC

  • Kiddo's educators also have a Support Inclusion Plan which helps the service gain funding for additional educators to help support children with additional needs, we also have regular visits from Communicare WAIA

  • Kiddo's educators are always learning and training in order to provide an up-to-date curriculum 

  • Kiddo's is always working on the Quality Improvement Plan to ensure all our practices meet the National Quality Standards

  • Kiddo's educators are  have a working action group that is developing our services Reconciliation Action Plan - a RAP is a document that expresses the commitment of an organisation to Indigenous reconciliation and provides a framework to realise their vision for reconciliation

  • Kiddo's is fun!! We have chickens, guinea pigs, a beautiful outdoor area, we walk to the local park, use the the local tennis courts etc We believe in kid's getting outside to play, getting mucky, and learning from hands on experiences 

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